Giving Thanks to our Patrons
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Thank you
to the individuals and businesses who
have donated time, money, goods, or

APS, Williams
HOME DEPOT, Flagstaff
HOME DEPOT, Prescott
LOWES, Prescott
TRU VALUE, Prescott
Thank you
to those who have ordered bricks for the
Cottage Hotel Fundraiser:

The Brothers of The Third Wheel

Alan & Amara Camblin
Charles E. Cruise
Chris & Sandy Dewees
Dave & Chris Sandstrom
Debbie Mejia
Deluxe Motel
Dominick & Nicole Sarno
Dr. Dick & Nancy Buscher
Dr. Vincent M. Salmon
Employees of Westside Lilo's
Frances Cline
Fred Pritchett
Georgia Delgadillo
Jean Pope
John & Inge Hilberg
John Fitzgerald
Lori McGuire
Lynn A. Searles
Nancy Echeverna
North Country Community Healthcare
Pat & Lilo Russel
Paul & Dian Robb
Pope Enterprises Inc.
Richard & Barbara Sager
Rubel & Boice Families
Stan & Theresa Blood
Stanley O'Dell
Supai Motel
Walt & Kathy Blaylock
Westside Lilo's