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Links to Historical Photographs
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Here are some links to other websites that feature
notable Seligman historical archives.  These sites
are not associated with The Seligman Historical
Society and will open in a different browser window
The Grand Canyon Historical Society site has a very nice collection
of Seligman historical photos from the Greenlaw Collection.  This
site takes awhile to upload but is well worth it because you can click
on each thumbnail picture to see a larger image.  This collection
includes a picture of the Cottage Hotel circa 1915.
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Fourteen pictures of Seligman's Havasu Harvey House are found in
the University of Arizona's Fred Harvey Collection.  There are
interior and exterior photographs of the building from 1913.  To
access all the photos you will need to see all three thumbnail groups.
If you have any questions about this group of photos there are links
on the bottom of the page to contact U of A.
The Arizona Memory Project provides a selection of historical
documents from the many libraries, archives, museums and other
cultural institutions throughout Arizona. This link will bring you to a
page with a selection of documents featuring information about
Seligman.  Click on the thumbnails to see larger images and to access
additional information about the Arizona Memory Project, its
contributors, and additional online resources.
The Arizona Historical Society is a great resource for finding the
locations of museums, libraries, collections, and archives throughout