Seligman History
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Historic Photograph of Seligman, Arizona
Seligman, Arizona
Originally Seligman was called “Prescott Junction” because it was the railroad stop on the mainline
with the feeder line running to Prescott.  The feeder line from Prescott Junction to Prescott proved
inefficient and was soon replaced by a line running from Ash Fork to Prescott.  Since the name
“Prescott Junction” no longer fit the mainline stop the name of Seligman was bestowed upon the
budding town.  In 1886, Seligman, Arizona was named after Jesse Seligman, one of the founders of J.
W. Seligman Co. of New York, who helped finance the railroad lines in the area.  There is also a
Seligman, Missouri named after the eldest Seligman brother of the company, Joseph.
In 1987 Seligman gained its name “Birthplace of Historic Route 66” due to the efforts of Seligman
residents, most notably Angel Delgadillo, who convinced the State of Arizona to dedicate Route 66 a
historic highway.

Notable Seligman Dates:
1857-58 –  Lt. “Ned Beale” and his camels survey along the 35th parallel through Northern
Arizona near where Seligman lies today
1882 – Railroad tracks reach Seligman
1886 – Seligman, Arizona is established, Named after Jesse Seligman
1905 – Fred Harvey House, “Havasu” opens in Seligman
1912 – The Cottage Hotel is built
1938 – Route 66 is continuously paved from Chicago to L.A. running through Seligman
–  Andreas Feininger immortalizes Seligman in his famous LIFE photograph "Route 66, Arizona"
1978 – Interstate 40 bypasses Seligman’s Route 66 businesses
1984 – Passenger trains cease stopping in Seligman
1985 – Seligman Historical Society formed on July 16th
1987 – Rebirth of Route 66 as a Historic Highway and Seligman becomes “Birthplace of
   Historic Route 66”
2008 – Havasu Harvey House is torn down
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Seligman, Arizona historic building
Image Courtesy of Cline Library, Northern Arizona University, Special Collections and Archives, J.A. Pitts Collection
J.A. Pitts Store
Established and Built 1914.
The J.A. Pitts
Store is one of
the oldest
buildings in
It is still standing
on the corner of
Route 66 and
Main St.