The Cottage Hotel
Cottage Hotel, Seligman Arizona
The Cottage Hotel, built in 1912, is one of the oldest buildings in Seligman.  Located just
one block north of Route 66, the Cottage Hotel is a registered historic building and the
only building in town owned by a Seligman entity; the non-profit Seligman Historical
Society.  It was first built as a rooming house for railway workers and cowboys and later
used as a birthing place for expectant mothers.  In recent years, the Cottage Hotel has
been serving as a museum open to the public on only a few select days of the year.
The Historical Society is in the process of raising money to restore the building in order
that it will act as Seligman's full time visitor's center and museum.  Plans include not only
restoring the Cottage Hotel under the guidelines for historic buildings, but also landscaping
and adding modernized outbuildings on the adjacent lot.
Go Down in History
While Saving a Piece of History!
The main fund-raiser for the Cottage Hotel restoration is the "Buy a Brick" program.  You
can help preserve a part of Seligman's history by purchasing a 4" x 8"  or an 8" x 8" brick
that during the restoration process will be used along the side of a path or in a wall.  For
only $50.00 or $75.00 you can buy an inscribed brick that will be permanently displayed at
the Cottage Hotel.  Your inscription can have your name, the name of a loved one, your
business, "in memory of..." - anything you want.  This is your opportunity to support
Seligman history while becoming part of Seligman history!  
To order your brick and leave your mark in Seligman click either "buy a brick" links below,
print the form, fill it out and send it in with a check or money order to The Seligman
Historical Society at PO Box 51, Seligman, AZ 86337.
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