Seligman Historical Society

The purpose of the Seligman Historical Society, formed in 1985, is to bring together
people in the community who are interested in the history of the area and interested in
preserving that history.

In recent years Seligman saw the destruction of one of its treasured historic buildings, the
Havasu Harvey House.  Now more than ever community members, as well as the many
people who enjoy traveling through our Historic Route 66 town, need to work together to
preserve historic buildings and artifacts.

Currently the Historical Society is raising funds to restore the Cottage Hotel, built in 1912.  
When finished, the Cottage Hotel will serve as a much needed visitor’s center and
museum.  This is an involved and expensive project and any assistance is appreciated.
Please have a look around the site to learn more about Seligman, the Cottage Hotel, and
how you can help the Historical Society’s mission.  Thank you.
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Seligman, Arizona Historical Society
Seligman, Arizona Harvey House Billboard
Seligman, Arizona
"Birthplace of Historic Route 66"
Image Courtesy of Cline Library, Northern Arizona University
Contact the Seligman Historical Society at:

Seligman Historical Society
P.O. Box 51
Seligman, AZ   86337